We proudly present Ghostletters Vienna. Published by Falter Verlag and written by Tom Koch with the photography support of Daniel Gerersdorfer and Stephan Doleschal.

About Ghostletters Vienna

First of all it is important to know what ghostletters mean. Ghostletters are the fleeting contemporary witnesses, constantly threatened with being simantled or painted over. Appearing in all those old places where the lettering was removed. But many of them have remained visible and the contures and character is still visible to the eyes of the passerbys. At least they are not seen immediately and that is the reason why Tom Koch gave them some spotlight. The old traces of Viennese sign painting and the secrets of lettering are kept within these works.

This book is a very exciting showcase of Viennese typography and a must have for at least every austrian designer.

Ghostletters Vienna 1 Ghostletters Vienna 2 Ghostletters Vienna 3 Ghostletters Vienna 4 Ghostletters Vienna 5 Ghostletters Vienna 6 Ghostletters Vienna 7 Ghostletters Vienna 8

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