Sometimes the small things count, that is what we learned from the book which was sent to us this week. Glyph is a visual exploration of pucutation marks and other typographic symbols published by Cicada books.

About the book

Glyphs are the silent arbiters of written communication, the fringes of language that regulate its pace, meaning and tone. This book looks at the punctuation marks, textual indicators and mathematical symbols that we so often take for granted. From the humble ellipsis to the elegant ampersand b way of the exuberant exclamation mark, Glyph* explores their rich and fascinating histories and presents.

Glyph 2 Glyph 3 Glyph 4 Glyph 5 Glyph 6 Glyph 7 Glyph 8 Glyph 9


We recommend this book to all whose eyes lies in the details ind the reading between the letters and lines and to those who love typography and design.

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