We spotted this week a young talented female graphic designer Michelle Wong from Kuala Lumpur, interested in gothic scripts and having already designed a really nice book called “Gothic Scripts”. Unfortunately the book is far away on the other site of the planet, although we would like to use her photos to describe it better.

About Gothic Scripts

“Gothic Scripts” is a book that introduces readers to the nine gothic hand-writing from the Gothic period and an additional Foundational Hand, which is one of the first scripts to start with when beginning to learn Gothic Scripts. This book covers all the 10 scripts, writing tools and writing inks. This book has two special feature;-  One, is its black on black pages. These pages serve as dividers between scripts. To read, one could angle it till the ink catches light, or by holding it upright, which give the effect of the paper being in a lighter color than the words. Second of the features, are the hand written Gothic brush calligraphy.

gothic scripts 1gothic scripts 3 gothic scripts 8 gothic scripts 6gothic scripts 7  gothic scripts 4gothic scripts 5

If you like to now more about the book or like to publish it please get in touch with Michelle Wong, she would really look forward to it.


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