Today we have a nice book to present from tipo editorial, called how to create typefaces, from sketch to screen and written by Cristóbal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer and José Scaglione.

About how to create typefaces

How are typefaces designed and which characters are essential? What makes the difference between all typefaces and between roman, italic and cursive fonts? This book aims to give you all the answers you need about typography and how to create your own font. As José Scaglione says: “Typography plays a central role in graphic design”, it is not unusual that designers today feel the need to design new typefaces. Laura Meseguer brings it to the point as she said that the origin of a curiosity, interest or need for designing typefaces is unique in each case and has different motivations like the professional and individual one. Typefaces have a certain character like I and you have a certain face. There are billions of people on this globe, but every face looks different, maybe sometimes only in the details. Learn about using transitions, expansions, translations, angle variations, contrasts, curves, alignments and decide whether you like to create a professional or an individual font.

We recommend this book to everyone who likes to design an own fontface. This book gives you the best advice and answers to all our questions.

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