Today we got a very nice book from Niggli publishers which is called “Wie man als Grafikdesigner…” in english “How to” published by Harper Design books. The book has a square format and after its title and the author its promising a lot.

About How to

How to use graphic designs to sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, make people cry, and (ever once in a while) change the world. This simple cover title tells a lot abut the book. And there is more in it. Logos, packagings, signs, publications, websites, everywhere today we have graphic design. But where are the roots of this movement and why is it always looking different? Michael Bierut explains the evolution of modern graphic design and how to use it whiseley. Mostly the first priority of design is to sell products, make them successful and explain them to others. Sometimes its also about enhancing the world. For the first time Michael Bierut gives an insight to his work and portfolio.


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We recommend this book to everyone who studies graphic design or is working as a designer in the industry for an agency or as a freelancer. The tips and tricks in this book are essential and pathbreaking.


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