Last week we got this amazing book from Sam Barclay from Southsea, UK. He wrote a book about dyslexia, designed with typography to explain how people with developmental reading disorder read and think.

About the book

People all over the world struggle with reading for a variety of reasons, including dyslexia, lack of education and an unfamiliar language to name a few. People with reading difficulty are often capable of thinking in ways that others aren’t and as a result are capable of true greatness, yet these people are often misunderstood and treated unfairly as a result.

While thumbing through the book, you get more and more interesting and inspiring tips how our reading habits function. You dive into the experience of the struggle of reading and recognizing words and paragraphs. Based on an an extract of a book called “The small pleasures of life”, Sam describes capitalisation, truspel, typoglycemia, homophobes, word shapes, colour thinking and more.

We love the idea, showing people what it’s like to read with a strong concentration on the text and the great effort for all sences. Please help to support this book and share the post or buy it on Sams Site. You won’t get it elsewhere because it is just funded on kickstarter because of it’s incredible message and awesome design. Thanks to Sam for the book!



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