“A tattoo is a mark in tim about what you want to say about yourself for the rest of your life, so live some life before you talk about it” Tha Scary Guy

Tattoos have always been impressive to us and of course typography on skin could be an everlasting message of life or a simple crazy fault. Therefor we asked Zeixs for this masterpiece bounded in leather with a awesome surface. Featuring different photographers and tatooed bodies, we had to post about Inkarnation.

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About the book

Inkarnation is a confession of faith coming to life. Inkarnation is different. Inkarnation features selected premium photography from international top notch photographers. Artists, pin-ups, musicians and people with attitude. No ordinary tattoo stuff from stars to hearts.. inkarnation is about love and passion for the tattoo, combined with attitude and rock’n’roll lifestyle. Unique tattooes of individuals, who love their lifes as colourful as their tattoos. That’s why the coffee-table book covered in black-leathered looks like a book of prayers. This bible of design, photography and typography skin is a compendium of contemporary art.

Every time we look at the book, we find new inspiration of it and therefor we higly recommend it to all tattoo fascinated people and to designers for it’s unique character.

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