Today we hold something very wonderful and made with lots of love in our hands. The little book of lettering written by Emily Gregory, designer and author from Sidney, Australia. Published by Chronicle Books the book seems to be very small but it’s perfect for reading and has the right format for the morning train.

About the book

Typography is far more than just letters and words on a page, says Emily. Typography is the art of making a statement. This statement is shown in the book within three chapters. Chapter 1 is about digital lettering, chapter 2 about handdrawn illustrational type and chapter 3 about three dimensional lettering.

Digital letter artists abd designers go beyond conventions, they are always on the search of creation. Many of the designers today begin their work from sketch and retrace the lines in illustrator or photoshop. The advantages of digital lettering are definitely the good adaption and the fast change of forms and colours.

The hand-drawn type part begins with one of the greatest chalk writer on earth, Dana Tanamachi, who also made an artwork with Oprah Winfrey. She says:“I am constantly erasing, redrawing and erasing some more until I get exactly the way I want it.” That’s maybe the principle of hand-drawn lettering.

At least the chapter with 3d artists drawing on objects, collecting pieces to words, cutting paper in an impressive way, firing their work up or simply stitch something with coloured filaments.

At the end of each chapter you have a small list with all the tools to use for the special treatments, like ink, pencil, brushes and so on. The choice of typographer and designers in this little book is great. Therefor we highly recommend it to you, designers out there. Like rittersport once said in their commercial, quadratically, practically, good.

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