Today arrived a cool book with a pink and golden cover, which shows us the quote “make enemies and gain fans”. Bis Publishers sent us this book to write a reference article about it. At first sight it was like eating a center shock beeing shocked by the cover and impressed for the inner life.

About the Book

The book is talking about Snask, a small creative collective from Sweden and their way of becoming successful creative entrepreneurs. The book begins with the sentence “in days gone by Kings, Princes and Lords would choose a champion to represent them at tournaments, in battle and to uphold their reputation.” Who but not Snask could have this position inherit? The collective started as a two man show while studying and djing in the UK. After having finished their studies they moved to Sweden and wanted to get the rock stars of the creativity scene with a cool studio, lots of fun and no money in their pockets. There is no better way as to be thrown in at the deep end. Starting like that and enjoying every moment of designing, they got famous until today everyone wants to work with them. But the way was hard and they had to face lots of enemies and obstacles.

By surviving them, they had 8 lessons to learn:

1. Acting Precocious. Stop beeing to adult!

2. Stuck Up. Take the stick out of your back!

3. Boring. Don’t have fear, it lames you!

4. Bureaucratic. Say yes instead of no!

5. Lack of self distance. Pee on yourself!

6. Suppression of emotion. Show emotions, you are human!

7. Fear of opinions. Stand up and fight!

8. Good. Show your balls and reach out for the best!

Reading this book is very entertaining and interesting. If you like to found your own creative corporation you definitely have to read this book as a lecture how to impress clients, taking risks and loving your job. That’s why Snask got an idol position in the service provider field of design today. Thanks for that book and the inspiration Snask & BIS!

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