Today we got a real inspiring typography calendar called Memovoco. it’s a tear-off calendar in our favourite colours blue and white with 366 memorable artoworks.

About the calendar

Memovoco is a word created by two ideas – Memo, something that you should remember and Voco, in Esperanto means voice. Memovoco collects thoughts of illustrators, designers and typographers from all over the world. They feature young talents and bring the passion and power for typography forward. It captures the spirit of the age and is tied up to the long tradition of gathering quotes and unique shortquotes.

If the calendar is the thing you ever searched for present or for having at least a sincer good day everyday next year get it here.

memovoco 1  memovoco 3 memovoco 5 memovoco 6 memovoco 7memovoco 2 memovoco 8


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