Thames and Hudson sent us this awesome exemplary of contemporary typography divided into ornamental modern styles and characteristics. 360 illustrations and lot’s of awesome detailed typographic elements on every page make this book a real highlight to us.

About the book

Presenting a dazzling kaleidoscope of highly animated text and type samples across a broad spectrum of styles and effects, that’s how Gail Anderson describes this book. While today there are so many rtist working back to sketch, there are also so many different styles and forms of typography. This book tries to order them to three eras which inspired them most. History Lesson is the first one showing us gothic, victorian, modern, hipster, pop, psychedelic, hip-hop. tech and non roman typeforms. While the Art Nouveau and the Bauhaus post modernized typography in the last century and changed thoughts , the variety of styles and methods today in the metrics of design are so spectacular and diverse. All natural is the second part, showing branches, flowers, hair electric, liquid, smoke, green, handmade and Ed Fella, wh is always painting with colourful pencils. The last part is the electric one with objects as letter, letter as objects, chaotic, puzzle, embellished, ooh la la, whatever that means, stitched, anthropomorphic, monumental and ribbon artworks. The collection of contemporary type artist is fantastic, so there are featured Stefan Sagmeister, GQ Magazine, Craig Ward, Alex Trochut, Jeff Rogers and many more.

For every type fanatic like us this book is a must have in your bookcase and every designer who likes to know more and go deeper into the typography knowledge new ornamental type is teh base of all. Let your mind be inspired and I suppose you won’t succeed in reading the whole book at once.

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