This week we found an amazing book of typography in our lockbox with a plastic save cover and a lot of different names on it. The book we found is called “New perspectives in Typography” written by Scott Williams & Henrik Kubel and published by Laurence King.

About New perspectives in Typography

This book is not a trend show, nor a manifesto nor a survey but rather a selection of new perpectives of typography and their inspirational, intelligent and thoughtful use. It’s about the idea of typography behind the new contemporary designs we know. While there is a great newness and awareness in type within the modern technical age, this book features type that is truly ground-breaking made by pioneers of the modern design. Some of the examples shown are very famous, but most of them we have to admit, are new to us. It’s not about a good taste or to delineate good from bad, but it’s what the both authors researched and loved about, seeign type in a different way and preparing the book different from other cassical type studies. “The twentieth-century typography is destined to be one of three things: superficial, full of gaping holes, or a droning litany of people, works and dates” as the authors say. A different aproach and thinking is needed. Some of the most influencing individuals, just a handful have a long lasting background on it. Beginning with some american type founders like Goudy to conceptual art movements today. Like Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarés says :”Lots of scripts come from a similar origin. This becomes a starting point or a going-back-to point to reconsider cultural connections for the future.”

If you are more interested in typography today and like some design thinking out of the box, this book should satisfy your demands. We recommend this book to you designers out there who see design as a greater thing than only drawing lines and well organized creativity.

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