Today we were sent a great book from Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz called Niße.

About Niße

For over 116 years our small letter ß is beeing both smiled at and regarded jealously from other countries and cultures. The latin glyph has no big brother. On july 29th 2017 has fallen the starting shot for a new era that the ß finally got a big brother. In 1996 the german spelling decided to replace it with ss and it felt like it is more and more vanishing. But it still is alive and now more than ever. 116 years the ß has stood up and now it has a brother. The book Niße is showing the beauty and power of it in over 400 different typefaces.

We recommend the book to all those who are standing up for the revolution of the ß.

Buy the book here:

niße 1niße 8 niße 2niße 6 niße 3 niße 4 niße 5  niße 7  niße 9


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