This is the first edition of playful type ephemeral lettering and illustrative fonts showing diverse experimental techniques on 230 pages full of inspirations published by gestalten press. The book is mostly exhausted, but we are happy to get a copy of it and to present it to you.

About the book

There are cases of hand-lettering, calligraphy, carved block prints and old fashioned collages, along with investigations in liquids shaped into sentences, manipulative photo-techniquesalong with complex arrangements of elements. Cross disciplinary works made with a lot of fantasy and the most important thing curiosity in the game by playing with letters. This is a book to explore the core of letters and typography in its boradest, most refreshing sense. The basic motivation is not to think of designs that can be re-used, but to apply the greatest care to each single letter, craft it with fun and originality, treat it like an individual character standing strong in its bigger composition.

We highly recommend this book to all designers and type enthusiasts of you acting with a beating heart for good typography. This book really shows a great variety of playful and ideaful, simple but good ideas with type.

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