Here is part two of the interesting and creative book Playful Type 2 publihed by Gestalten press. Last week we presented the first part. This one is written by Robert Klanten, Hendrik Hellige and Jan Middentorp.

About the book

Playful Type 2 examines how designers are using a variety of techniques to produce typography and lettering in a range of innovative styles. In the foreword Jan Middentorp says:“Type – the word is used here to denote visible language in a broad sense – is a serious matter. Written language is the primary means to achieve something exceptional: to communicate with people in other places and other times…in infinitely comple and sophisticated ways.”

Featuring high quality typography in diverse original lettering and insightful interviews and texts with great designers like Jessica Hische, Andy Smith, Seb Lester and many more. This book is a good investigation for every designer and of course of your time. Full of innovative and futuristic type it is one of the most important sources of lettering in these days as we think of it. Therefor we recommend it to you and hope you fnd some inspiration of the images we made of it.

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