Once again Monotype send us a very nice magazine they published – “The Recorder”. Exploring type’s role in a wider cultural context this magazine is perfectly for a nice feature on our site.

About The Recorder

Among a lot of magazines out there the Monotype Recorder Magazine is on of our favourites when it comes to very fundamental interviews and reports about the latest design trends within graphicdesign and typography. This issue includes history traced back to an A-Z of illuminated and illustrated letters, and publisher and designer Darren Wall pays tribute to the early days of pixel typography. Also Erik Spiekermann is featured with a very nice passage about his typefaces. But most of all we like the works of our friends from Stockholm Snask and Nicle Philips from typograph.her.

After reading a lot of design magazines this one we can recommend to designers out there concentrating on a few but interesting topics. It’s worth it!

Get the limited issue here>

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