Hermann Schmidt Mainz is a one of the most contemporary and interesting publisher for graphic design and typography. We have seen that they published a book about Retrofonts. This was the moment we asked them for offering it to us for a review. Now we got it and at first sight it’s awesome. Written by Gregor Stawinski art director and author of renometed books, his main focus lies on corporate identities and interface design.

About the book

Retrofonts is a compendium, dividing type into different culturhistorical eras. Searching for a special font at a special epoche is quite interesting and exciting. The normal type tables won’t help in this situation and the internet offers a big amount of fonts, but nothing that satisfies your curiosity. Retrofonts is exactly what we have been looking for in this situation. It offers 400 scripts on 600 sites, ordered after stylistic area, full vintage and retro fonts mostly beside a visual example. The book exposes the time between Gold Rush, Western fonts and the new modern Walkman and Rubic Cube era. Gregor Strawinski answers the questions like: “What type could fit to a fifties loung party invitation?” Which alternatives to the standard fonts do exist?“ What font used Jimi Hendrix or the sex pistols for their record covers?” At least it comes with a CD containign all the fonts for personal use.

We can highly recommend whit book to every one playing with vintage and retro typefaces and every designer using them for artworks, papers, prints, flyers and so on. It’s an amazing historical and informational contemporary script collection that can’t be missing in every design bookshelf. You can buy the book in 4 different languages, so we suppose it will be of international interest.

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