We got an interesting compendium of typography designers talking about typeface and it’s design. Written by Tino Graß and published on Niggli Press, switzerland this book is specialized on the detail in typography.

About the book

The book is the result of the 22nd meeting of typography in Düsseldorf, germany in february 2007 organized by students and doctors of the highschool of design in Düsseldorf. It was one of the biggest typography congresses with 600 participants.

The book answers to questions, how to create a typeface, why do new fonts appear, why there are bad and good ones, what are the elements of a good type creation, how to use it, why you decide to take an antiqua, grotesk, light or bold font.

Typography is various, coming from a screen of proportional relations of nature, of the hands duktus, of the limitation to 8×8 pixel grid, of consequent development, experience, circumstances which can be technical or functional and of the needs of its used cases. Different ideas lead to fantastic results and personality is the plan for success. Good typefaces can not be made in one night, it’s a long, hard process. They need time, experience and concentration in the planning, as in the use.

We recommend this book to your, because you can learn from some of the greatest typographers in our time like Philippe Apeloig, Johannes Berghausen, Lucas de Groot, Uwe Loesch, Andreas Uebele, Kurt Weidemann and more. It’s a real guide to the details of typography and to the creation of a perfect typeface.

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