Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Thames & Hudson from London. They publish spectacular graphic and design books. I asked them if there is a book worth buying and at the same time interesting for my readers. Shortly after that E-Mail they answered me and asked me to write something about Shadow Type.

What is Shadow Type?

Shadow type written by Steven Heller is bold, monumental, architectural and atmospheric. It’s an expression and strong meaning, 3d and coming out of the paper, powerful and eye catching. Since the beginning of the 19th century with the first upcoming graphic designers and handwritten fonts, bold and massive messages were told in 3D letters. But they seemed also rare and forgotten. This compilation of letterart from Germany, France, Britain, Italy and the United States is a statement and a gallery with over 300 inspirations spotting these special shadow typefaces.

I can recommend this book to all my readers. It’s worth watching and learning how beautiful and detailed, how expressive and on the point these pioneers of design were creating.

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