While surfing the web we spot always interesting books, but also sometimes magazines like Slanted’s first special BABYLON. Slanted is one of the most famous sites about typography and graphic design and we enjoy working together.

About the issue

Slanted BABYLON deals with Non-Latin typefaces and was released at Granshan Non-Latin type conference in Bangkok (TH) in the end of July. Besides essays, interviews, a photographic science-fiction story and non-Latin typefaces which illuminate the theme, there is also a number of new Thai TypoLyrics in the magazine. Thanks to Augmented Reality and Junaio app Slanted readers can explore lots of interactive extras by moving
their smartphone over the magazine’s pages.

“Type is language, a robe, is eloquent, changes impressions to informations, creates knowledge, is food – typography is a thing belonging to us all.” TGM

Find this philosphical sentence and more in the issue BABYLON. Talking about armenian and thai typo-lyric projects and international orientation between latin and non-latin typefaces, slanted spotlights also arabic calligraphy and image making. Designers and visual artists are constantly battling with defining their identity and responsibilites within the global visual culture. The progress of a typeface could create political debates and public interventions. Slogans and handdrawn stencils offer a social aspect and in contrary poke the fire within the sprouting progressive society. In interviews with Eps51, Iris Ljesnjanin and Lars Hamsen between arabic calligraphy and armenian typefaces, the issue offers a direct insight to the different cultures and styles.

Framed by artworks of simplified and traditional Chinese, Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Devanagari, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Gurmukhi, Bengali, Hebrew, English, Japanese and Arabic typography, the issue shows its multicultural aspect and fantastic assembled researches from all over the world. We recommend BABYLON and also the current regular issue Slanted ART TYPE presenting a large number of art works and installation shots that explore language and typography by internationally renowned artists such as Paul Elliman, Gilbert&George, Ed Ruscha and many more.

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