This week we had a very pleasant contact with young typographer and graphic designer Hannah Rabenstein from Nürnberg germany. She has already graduated as a bachelor in arts and design with her book Stift und Warentest.

About the book

Opening up the hard cover with a embossed title we find some interesting pages and an uncommon book design. Stift und Warentest, the title is introduced by a slip of the tongue or a Faux Pas in the childhood of Hannah. Deriven from Stiftung Warentest which is a foundation for testing everything in germany and taking it to a quality norm to throw light on the worse products in our daily lives, Hannah misunderstood the word and made Stift und Warentest out of it, what means pen and goods test translated. With this idea, the love for letters and the passion for writing, she focused on exactly these skills and worked with different pens – the pen test (Stift- und) – sponsored by Pilot, Molotow, Copic and Montana and diverse papers and objects – the goods (Warentest) – while writing on their surface. The book should show the beauty and power of lettering. And it does. Awesome moments and objects caught with the camera, overdrawn with letters and words. To get more to the different pens, she began each chapter with a test and a 3 page long imaging of the different pens. By watching them you can get a small feeling how it is to write and draw with them.

About her work she says:“ I don’t want to teach or dictate, I just want to inspire people!”

We love this message and the idea of this book. Thanks to Hannah we got an exemplary here and had the chance to present you some amazing pictures out of the book. Please support this young artist!



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