Today we got this amazing book from Steven Heller and Mirko Ilic called Stop Think Go Do published by Rockport Publishers. Typography and graphic design could influence our behaviour – that’s for sure. But how does this function and which methods are neccesary to do manipulate our brains and mind? 224 Pages with type and design exapmples are showing it to us.

About the book

The Big Brother is always watching you! Keep calm and carry on! I want you! We all know these messages and images. These are all commands that comunicate in the forms of typography and design with a clear message to our senses. Street signs and newspaper headlines even all graphic interventions in our daily lives scream to our mind and give it a consciousness and subconsciousness impact. Born within a world full of informations and messages hiding on every edge of our lives, commands, proclamations, testimonies, symbols, signs, colours and directions have been essential to our hardwired behaviour.

“When Design is operating best, the audience is less aware of the design tropes than how the design functions.” Steven Heller

That’s right, design is symphonical, melodical, romantical, poetical and oratorical, let’s say design is about the choices the designer make and if this choice is the right and good one, we will get all manipulated the way a brand or the advertising will like to. Therefore the book is seperated in eight different parts. First Inform, graphic design focuses our mind and eyes and this this concern requires contemplation. Advocate, this language has a common behaviour to interact with our instincts. Play is the part which tries to force our interaction through learning, entertaining, expressing, informing and transforming. Caution is about clear direct messages like “beware of the dog”. Entertain is the design that everybody enjoys most. Express is used to communicate beliefs, philosophies and manifestoes which influence others. Educate is the combination of all categories and at least transform which shows you projects about visual graphic manipulations to play with your mind.

We want you to read this book! But it’s your choice to do so. We can only recommend this book to all of you designers and typographers working with creative ideas. After reading this book your design mind will be changed but the way you use this knowledge is up to you.

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