The bolted book was created by Fortunato Depero in 1927. It is also called Depero Futurista, famously bound together by two large aluminium bolts. Recognized as one of the most fascinating and interesting avantgarde books inspired by the dadaism the copies are very rare on this planet. One exemplary lies in the center for modern italian art in New York and one in Trento in the Museum of modern and contemporary art. Now it can be maybe found also for buying option on this amazing kickstarter project from Designers & Books. Find a little insight in the video and pages we have for you here.

depero futurista 2 depero futurista 3 depero futurista 4 depero futurista 5 depero futurista 6 depero futurista 7 depero futurista 8 depero futurista 9 depero futurista 10


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