Imagine if you could get a complete education in typography and graphic design just by playing a game of cards.

It seems impossible, and using The Design Deck won’t exactly land you a university degree with a major in graphic design or make you an expert in the latest tools and software employed in the industry. However, it might be a big help along the way, and certainly provides a great study aid or solid introduction to the field itself.

The Design Deck is essentially a deck of playing cards filled with a useful information about typography, color theory, design techniques, the history of graphic design and a whole lot more.

Ultimately, The Design Deck is a practical guide to graphic design laid out over standard 52 color Bicycle-stock cards with an air-cushion finish.

The Design Deck contains all kinds of essential information about the practice of graphic design and each card includes a valuable lesson with a visual example, neatly put together in a rather concise and practical format. In fact, the information on the cards has been curated from some of the top graphic design and typography books on the market, and likely some of the same textbooks being used in the top schools today.

It started out as a successful Kickstarter campaign and is now available commercially at Forrest Goods.

Creator Ben Barrett-Forrest claims he began the endeavor with a simple passion for typography. Conducted research on the topic, he said he was shocked to find very little in the way of instructional videos about graphic design and typography on the internet. He set about changing that by making an animated short called The History of Typography, and after its success showed him there was a growing public interest in learning more about graphic design and typography, he started looking for more mediums outside of traditional publishing to give people access.

He’s now hoping The Design Deck playing cards can help spread the love of graphic design and typography he himself has.

Despite all the design information inside The Design Deck, it remains a fully functional deck of playing cards that can be used for all kinds of games. Designers claim the deck can help users learn graphic design while playing the popular game of poker. Of course, one might want to learn how to play poker first, and this guide on the rules of a number of different poker variants is great place to start.

After that, absorbing all the lessons in graphic design inside The Design Deck is really up to you.

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