Thames and Hudson are famous for interesting books, especially when it comes to typography knowledge. Here is the geometry of type written by Stephen Coles and showing you 100 essential typefaces with their anatomy.

About the book

Beginning with the foreword of Erik Spiekermann where he says that this book is the ultimate guide to the intricacies of typeface design. But why? Characters from each typeface are enlarged and annotated to reveal key features, anatomical details, and the finer, often overlooked elements of typeface design. The book shows you the attributes affecting mood and readabilit. Whether you like to use running text or suitable headlines, after reading this book you are one step closer to understand type design.

What gives a typeface personality? Why does one font appear bigger or clearer? How can you perfectly appraise the white space, pounces and the stems?

The answers are quite simple and explained in this book. Facing objective criteria that can male you find the right typeface for the right project can be fun and can solve a lot of problems you are in by having chosen the profession of design.

We highly recommend the book to type enthusiasts and designer who want to dive deeper into the perfect use of typography. The computer can’t answer you the questions, although the fontfaces got more and more better and well proportioned. In the end this book is the best guide for you to be the master of the letters and not let the letters rule your design.

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