the independent foundries handbook.

This book published by Gestalten is a very useful survey for designers, mentors, communication agencies and after all your customers. It’s about the actual offer of fonts, independent letterpress and modern typographers.

In the past there have been only less specialists for typography. Since the beginning of  the internet and digital type, the whole scene has changed. Typography has a much better standing today. More and more designers create fonts for different applications and media. Although they found new type foundries and sell their fonts through their own websites. This is what makes the market for fonts so exciting and diversified but at the other side also confusing.

The type navigator is a comprehensive compendium including the world’s best independent type providers of high class fonts. Sorted after practical researches, structurized and indicated, it gives you a good view on the possibilities of efficient typography and navigates you thorugh the big world of typography.

You are looking for a special font? – You will find it here for sure!

As a bonus to the book, Gestalten added a CD with 100 free fonts from 20 famous foundries. I highly recommend it to you!

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