A surprising package filled with a nice little gift in it from Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz reached us today. The new Type Select made by Michael Wörgötter.

About Type Select

The choice of the right font is a significant base to every print design work. To solve the difficulty of choice Hermann Schmidt Verlag invented the Type Select. There you can simply match fontfaces and have a fast overview to the details and infos. On the B-Side you can match even the italic versions of the different fontfaces. Type Select contains 264 font families from 49 different foundries arranged in Serif, Sans Serif and Slab Serif fonts. This tool is a smart and intelligent companion for all designers out there.

While we didn’t know about this very nice informational tool we can now, after using it, recommend it to all designers out there running an own design business or an agency to grap and work with it.

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Type Select 1 Type Select 6 Type Select 5 Type Select 4 Type Select 3 Type Select 2


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