What began as a conference on Australia’s Gold Coast grew fast over the years to a big online community of letterers, calligraphers and type lovers.We are proud to hold one of the 193 copies of Typism 3 in our hands.

About Typism 3

The worldwide famous book Typism 3, published by finesse press and collected and written by Dominique Falla, has become one of our most favourite books about contemporary typography. While the conferences are hold every 2 years this book is a real exception because it is released in between.  The book contains some of the best modern lettering artoworks that inspired Dominique this year and also the world of type.

We highly recommend this book to every type designer out there. They are offering a free postage right now with the code “FREEPOSTAGE2016” if like to by it grap it.

Buy it here >

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