Typism is the ultimate typography black and white book written and colelcted by Dominique Falla typographer and speaker herself living in Queensland, Australia. 194 pages of pure typography love are showing you the best designers and letter artists in the world.

About the book

The book was arised of a typography conference called Typism taken in Australia’s Gold Coast. The idea grew and with it the submissions of typography artworks from around the world. It includes black and white images of new comers, professionals, calligraphy artists, type designer, hand lettering specialists and handwriting idols. The speakers on the conference were Gemma O’Brien, Wayne Thompson, Aurelie Maron, Nicole Phillips, Dominique Falla, Matt Vergotis, Bobby Haiqalsyah and in the book you can even find 187 more artists.

We highly recommend this book to everyone who is searching for a huge collection of the best contemporary typographers on the planet.

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