We represent the new Typodarium 2018. Sent to us by Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz germany.

About Typodarium 2018

Unpacking the golden delicious calendar was a nice event. Celebrating the 10th birthday of Typodarium which looks like a gold bar and is almost as heavy as a real one. This year it comes to you with a lot of new inspiring fonts and illustrations for the zodiac signs made by different designers a round the world. No designer is represented twice and like always the single sheets can be used as a font pattern book after having teared off all the sites.

We love the Typodarium and we are very proud to say that we are fans since the 1st edition. Please support such a great project and buy one for your design friends. So that they have fun every day and think of you as well.

Buy the Typoarium here>

typodarim 2018

Typodarium 2018 5 Typodarium 2018 4 Typodarium 2018 3 Typodarium 2018 2 Typodarium 2018 1


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