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We love the Typodarium and we are very proud to say that we are fans since the 1st edition. Please support such a great project and buy one for your design friends. So that they have fun every day and think of you as well. 

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Hermann Schmidt presents the fonts for the daily dose of typography

A Typodarium is a tear-off calendar, just like any other calendar. But this calendar unveils a new font every day. The term calendar originated from the word calendae, it was the first day of the month in the Roman calendar. calendarium is a Latin word which means “account book, register” because accounts were settled and debts were collected on the calends of each month. The Latin term was derived in old French as calendier and from there in English as calendar by the 13th century.

The Typodarium 2019 tear-off calendar is already available. The tear-off calendar from the publisher Hermann Schmidt presents the fonts for the daily dose of typography. The handy calendar has 366 tear-off daily papers designed by 232 different type designers from over 30 countries with an addition of straightforward bread writings and exotic font designs for daily variety. The front pages carry the date, the days of the week and holidays. And short notes can be written on them. The Typodarium 2019 has colored back pages which introduce the fonts used and contains examples of typefaces as well as further information about the corresponding type designer, described in details and the sources of supply, how it originated, from what or from who came to the inspiration and where we can obtain the font. As such, we can, therefore, have, a complete year long, the opportunity to widen our knowledge, to discover the font’s history and development. That is the idea behind the Typodarium 2019. And For the very first time in the making of Typodarium all Sundays are printed in colored fonts. The tear-off Typodarium 2019 calendar has a size of about 8.5 x 12 cm and is available in various languages and comes in a small solid box in which can be used to assemble the daily papers, so no font highlight is lost. It is difficult getting along unless you can secure the typodarium year after year without missing out any year. The who is who of the type design, the typo trend book with calendar function.

If you’re looking to budget your time wisely, then the Typodarium 2019 will assist in Keeping a precise and up-to-date calendar of due dates of important assignments, projects and other things to do and also reminds you of what you need to complete and when. Rather than being weighed down at seeing a long checklist of things you need to do, a Typodarium calendar provides the space to plan for each due date at the appropriate time.

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