Today we found an amazing project by a young gun working for Dojo as a Junior in Berlin called Tony Zibietzki. He made a book about within a  project in his university called Typografie Standard – Typography Standard.

About the book

The 200 site strong compendium is evolved in the 5th semester at the University of Potsdam within the class of Prof. Bettina Mueller.

“For breaking the rules, you have to understand and know them first.”
This could be the main claim of the project. Rules are declined and newly interpreted in every part of the type system with every single typeface and detail. Beginning with the brute headline, to the legal info, passages and tables to the finest marginal note he tried to find to new horizonts.

In the battle with often neglected basics of the detail in typography and the constant will to find new interesting methods, he made it to the frontiers of type. At the end of the great collection of typographical possibilities was born a source of never ending inspiration which is till today a great reminder for not forgetting about where the borders of typography are.

Getting to this wisdom while planning, writing and creating a book about the frontiers of type is a great idea for a project and to know and live the rules of typography. Most of the designers out there just design, without regarding and aprecciating typography. I hope in the future you will sensibilize your senses to do so. But for now we hope that Tony will tell us more and maybe one day publish his book to get more people to this typography epiphany.



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