This week we got some amazing books by Typograph.her, Nicole Arnette Philips whos love is to share typography knowledge to the world. The three books Volume 1-3 are limited to 1000 copies and we are glad to have one of them here.

About TypographJournal 1

The first edition treats with themes like passionate practice of type, design autorship, form vs. function, visual storytelling and more. The featured artists are Stefan Sagmeister, the hungry workshop, the counter press, graphicdesign&, Sabine Pick, Bobby Haiqalsyah, Kusalta Shrestha, Dominique Falla and Wayne Thompson. As you can see here these artists are wellknown in the world of type and their influences in this book are more than a good type lesson. The text is conversational, experimental, self-generated, personal expressions about design theory, practice and process as she says. Each spread contains an idea, inspiration, catalyst or resource that can be read alone or as a thread to form part of the curated collection of themes and ideas.

Typography Journal 6 Typography Journal 7Typography Journal 8

About TypographJournal 2

The second book investigates design rituals, constraints of design, problem solvings, visual logic and a guide about creating and finding your own tools. The featured artist in this book are Jessica Hische, Caren Florance, Matt Vergotis, Luke Lucas, Peter Rudledge, Deane Featonby, Barry Spencer, Ash Brennan. Typograph.Journal volume 02 gives insight into approach to practice and encourages us to create workplace rituals, culture and process that satisfy our creative urges and foster the bravery, risk and spirit required in design.

Typography Journal 17 Typography Journal 10

Typography Journal 11

About TypographJournal 3

The maths and magivc of visual language is the big heading of this book talking about visual metrics, optical illusions and play in type, modular approaches to type construction, contrasts and tension in design and at least experimental letterforms and typeporn. The featured artists are Veronica Grow, Jonathan Ross, Nicole Arnett Philips herself, Lyn Tran, Carla Hackett, Maarten van’t Wout, Aurelie Maron and Leona Fietz. Research, thinking and experimenting are laying very close to each other. Every part of them needs very much attention and practicing.

Typography Journal 16

Typography Journal 1 Typography Journal 2  Typography Journal 4 Typography Journal 5

Nicole has 16 years of experience now in publishing and writing about design. Her sense for visual art direction is brilliant and she believes that designers must engage with self-generated investigations, research and ideation to find a point of view, philosophy or position that is authentically their own.

We highliy recommend these three Volumes because each one of them are made with great effort. If you want to go forward with your design process, strategy and thinking, than these books are the best lecture you can choose.


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