Today we feature two inspiring and creative books. At first the alphabet coloring book by Lisa Lorek and second the You got this mantra coloring book by Katie Daughtery, Sarah Pierce, Lora and Trish Difranco. Published by free period press we waited about 2 month to colorize them but finally they are here.

About the book
What is there to say about a coloring book? The alphabet coloring book offers 26 beautifully designed and illustrated pages. Each page features a letter of the alphabet. Unwind, clear your mind or spark your creative juices with this had lettered book from A-Z. The you got this mantra coloring book is about self motivation when your power is down after a long day. These mantras andquotes inspire to be filled out with crayons or other beautiful colors.coloring books 5 coloring books 4 coloring books 7 coloring books 3 coloring books 2 coloring books 1

coloring books 11 coloring books 10 coloring books 9 coloring books 1 coloring books 8 coloring books 6

We think these books are the perfect present for christmas, for children who love to learn a little about design in the early years or for designers who love to play in their older years.

Get the coloring books here

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