Today we have a special exemplary of typography for you facing some basic drawings and preparations on big works made by famous contemporaray artists. Typography Sketch Books written by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico, published by Thames and Hudson. At first sight the book is really big. It counts over 360 sites full of informations and type.

About the book

The basic of all great typographers, designers and illustrators, quite everybody who has to do with design is to have a good eye to draw things and to put them into three dimensional space. Typography is one of the most impressive tools of communication and creativity. Begining with a good quote to this message, the book starts like this:“ Every designer, regardless of race, creed or nationality, understands the language of type. A graphic designer who os not fluent is not a graphic designer.”

It is not necessary in which specific tongue a message is communicated, the understanding of the content and context is what matters most. In terms of letterforms it is often beauty that speaks with precision, expression, conjoinment of letters or simply how the artwork looks on screen and paper. There are two kinds of type makers, the one who is precionist or a functional designer and the other who is the gadfly or expressionist, illustrating and playing with letters.

Sketchbooks are a place for both to rehearse, experiment and play. Some of them reveal the progress of assignments, as ideas are developed and some of them are wonderfully random musings. Throught these sketches we see hoe designers work and especially some of the most interesting and famous ones.

We highly recommend this book to every designer out there, drawing sketches in his notebook, on his papers or folders, because it gives a deep insight how you can spend more time for the right direction of brining an idea to paper or to simply explore the beauty of some interesting preparationa drawings from great designers.

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