Today arrived a new awesome typography book called Typoversity 2. It is the second part published from the Norman Beckmann Press (NBVD) from Hamburg. The editors and authors are Patrick Marc Sommer and Andrea Schmidt. Awarded by the Directors Club New York and the european design award 2013, it is a milestone in typography understanding and creation today.

About the book

Typography is a central an important part of our daily lifes. We live in a culture of typography surrounded by lots of different media communicating with us all the time. Not only creativity is account for typography but also processes of design. Decoding informations immediately and orientation in the daily grind are some of the demands on typography today. Digital fonts are directly facing an old spectrum of functional and traditional fonts. In the past 50 years till now typography was developed to an own self confident field. Its exercise and practice is more important than ever and an immanent component of the cultural occupation. For the second time, as done so in the first issue of typoversity, the authors wrote about visual media high schools students and their works. The key aspect lays on the modern practicing of typography and the courage for new inventions. But not only students should have the chance to show what they can, also the teachers have been asked and it’s quite astonishing how interesting the answers are.

On the question for No-Gos with typography, they all agreed to each with other, that behind every work there has to be a special thought and a straight intention. Illegibility and ugliness are not desired if it’s not planed in the prefield. Living in the digital age means typefaces should also be fitting to each and every screen size.

The next question is after which criteria teachers would create a new font. Also here it’s very concordant that the whole project as itself has to be considered and scrutinized what function could this typeface have in it. Fonts do definitely have to fit to the context and message of the book, site or other media. But we don’t want to antedate all the interesting content of this part.

We love the works especially of Christina Bugge, who has published a book for logopedic practices, Jan Filek for his book readability, a book about what happens when we read, write or create typography , Tobias Hollender, for the book of japanese type design, which is immense and hard to handle with and all the other authors and designers shown in typoversity 2.

As a final opinion we could say that this book is a new way of showing how important typography is today and how far-reaching it is in our daily live. Therefor we highly recommend this book to all designers out there. Unfortunately the book is only available in german language and all the input comes from german students and teachers, so it would be very hard to for english natives, but maybe we will have the chance to read an english version in the future.

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