We had the great possibility to feature the new book of Sarah Hyndman called Why Fonts matter and published by Virgin Books. As we love minimalistic covers this book promised a lot at first sight.

About Why Fonts matter

Everyday and everytime we interact with type in almost every aspect of our lives. But how does typography affect and influences us? This book describes the insights to the psychological and creative magic happening to us. First of all typography and words are a simple code for us to describe the world as we know it. For example in the supermarket we need information to help us find the right product and the products need typography to communicate. Each font or typeface has a special personality that affects emotions and sets the scene. Some of the bespoken themes are functional or evocative type, how do type influences us, words turn to stories, fonts have a personality, sensory type, altered experiences in type and more. Is there a difference between using a serif classic traditional typeface or a modern curved grunged lettering font?

Find it our with this book. We recommend it to those designers out there who like to get a deeper knowledge in the psychology of typography.

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