The sketchbook is one of the most neccessary tools a designer could use for his ideas and creativity. This week we got a nice one called Write nothing in here from BIS publishers.

About write nothing in here

You want to find solutions other didn’t find before, come up with new ideas, express your creativity and have some inspiration in lettering next to it. Than this book will help you out with focusing on connecting and improving your design skills. Creatives and copywriters create ideas out of nothing every day, so it seems, but most of the time they have a little helpful tool with them. But instead of filling the sketchbook completely it’s sometimes and somehow more useful to focus on the gaps between the lines, the spaces between the crowd and the pause between the film. Here Seema Sharma argues on focusing on nothing as a daily basis, to clean yur mind fro fresh new ideas. Normal ordinary thinkers don’t care about the gaps, their thinktank is working 24/7 but with some respect to the emptyness between it, you might get the best ideas.

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We recommend this book to every designer of course, but if you like to have new fresh ideas we also recommend the recipe for this book to enjoy the sweet nothing in the meantime.

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