Inspired by the russian constructivism, Cyrillic Characters and Alexander Rodchenko, we present for frida free font today Construthinvism a free font made by Pedro Fernandes, typographer and 4838Design from Braga, Portugal. But what is contructivism and who is Alexander Rodchenko?

The constructivism is a acerbity abstract art trend in the first haf of the 20th century based on the suprematism of Kasimir Malewitsch. Conceptional means not going with the standards, but inventing an own method of art language and culture. Geometrical forms and spaces are the central point of the movement. Alexander Michailowitsch Rodschenko is one of the main persons in theis movement as an architect and sculpturist.

Use the font for electronic abstract cover designs or geometric new pop graphic languages on posters and modern issues.

Download Construthinvism free font


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