In this class, students will learn how to create a stylish lettering piece using Adobe Photoshop. Join Jasmine Lové in exploring the elements of modern script styles that are seen in current calligraphy, brush lettering, and type design. Jasmine will walk you through examples of how she applied this technique to real-life lettering projects. This class is packed with lots of useful letterform tips to help students style their script lettering exactly the way they want.
Students of this class will also learn how to: research inspiration without copying, create a custom digital Ink Brush for Photoshop, draw their own lettering using a customized type-guide, apply useful tips & tricks into their workflow, and more! There’s even a bonus lesson for how to vectorize Photoshop Lettering.
Want to enroll for free? Use this discount link ( to enroll in Photoshop Lettering: Modern Script. Hurry to claim your free spot, there are only 50 free enrollments available!
Jasmine Lové is an Illustrator & Designer who specializes in stationery design, digital-lettering, and surface pattern design. In addition to creating beautiful artwork, she has a passion for inspiring others to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. Stay in touch with Jasmine on Instagram.
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