This week Anuj founder of Chalkola pens sent us some interesting chalk pens and some very nice chalkboard labels. With this new section, we like to present to you different types of pens which we use to make lettering and which could maybe become your pen of choice.

About Chalkola chalk pens

At first sight, the pens are quite heavy because they are sized 13,5cm height and 1,7cm width for the hand. But while holding them they are very comfortable and easy to handle. For the first drawing, you have to simply shake them up like a good cocktail and pump it down a little bit so that the chalk can float to the 6mm tip. When you need extra ink just push down the pen. To wash it off use wet cloth or Windex. For the practical test, we made a lettering on paper which was very nice and easy for the hand. The pencils slide softly over the paper but normally they are not for use on porous surfaces, so we had a little resistance using them drawing n  each other. While drawing on a window the pen is perfect, because of the smooth surface. You can remove the color easily. The pens are perfectly made for children over 3 years age, DIY moms, artists in type or letterings, teachers and every person who has a window paint favor or a chalkboard job. Thanks to the chalkboard labels you can name some of your marmalade glasses and sugar canes. Plus you can keep everyone away from the computer and TV to practice some very nice lettering as we did in the cover image.

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pens of choice 1 1 pens of choice 1 2 pens of choice 1 3


The masters of chalk: pens of choice 1 9 pens of choice 1 8 pens of choice 1 7 3553-85495 pens of choice 1 6


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